Smart self defense begins with understanding what it is you’re trying to defend yourself against.
— Adam, founder of Low Tech Combat

We take a knowledge based approach to self defense.


We think the first step to self defence is understanding violence. 

This site is not about teaching fighting skills. It is not about telling you how tough we are. There are no claims of being the world's best streetfighter.

Low Tech Combat aims to provide knowledge that can be drawn on to avoid violence rather than tell you how to fight your way out of bad situations.

Low Tech Combat aims to provide useful and practical information. Sometimes that information will challenge the reader and sometimes it will enlighten. We aim to develop understanding rather than teach physical skills. We think physical skills are best learnt in person.


Learning self defense and focusing only on fight skills is like learning how to drive a car and focusing only on how to crash better.



I am a self defense enthusiast and coach in most methods and find your articles very relevant in helping students understand what we are dealing with.
— Lamar
I thank you for sharing your wisdom with humanity.
— Gray Diamand
You’ve hit on great points about understanding the most likely type or attack and attacker and then developing tactics to deal with them.

I also wanted to commend you on a fantastic post on the 21 foot rule regarding knife defense. You hit on a bunch of very important points and presented a great overview, including what the author originally said, wrote, and meant. Well done.
— Journeyman
I am actively preparing myself for a variety of urban survival situations, and these are some great points for me to consider before blindly diving in to the arena of self defense.
— Urbivalist Dan
Very nicely done! I appreciate the worthwhile effort you clearly put into the research and analysis you did for this piece. As a result it is full of useful wisdom. Thanks very much.
— Todd I. Stark




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