We take a knowledge based approach to Self Defence.


You will not find descriptions for how to specifically defend against various attacking techniques.

What you will find is a lot of food for thought. We aim to provide useful information. Sometimes that information will challenge the reader. We generally aim to develop understanding rather than delve down too deeply into specific techniques.


Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto (FREE)


The Manifesto is our flagship product. It is a detailed look at the two primary types of human to human violence. These are:

  • Alpha Male violence - the type seen out the front of pubs and at drunken family get-togethers
  • Predatory violence - think muggings

There is a lot of data behind the hypothesis of these two main types of human combative behaviour. There are links to our biological past, linkages to how other animals engage in violence with one another, social evolution insights and these days there are big data sets that also add weight to this idea.

The Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto explains all of this. Get it while it is still FREE.

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