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Today's lesson is all about you.

What do you think?

You are getting towards the end of Understanding Modern Violence and you should be getting to the point where you know what measures can mitigate the risk of an attacker choosing you to be a victim or target.

Below is a list of news stories from around the world that report on some sort of violent crime incident. As you read through the stories, look for the key pieces of information that are key.

Consider what the victim could have done to avoid the conflict - maybe there was more than one aspect. Consider how knowledge can be applied to defeat the attacker without fighting them.

Preliminary story. This is a Low Tech Combat article to start you off with. As you read through the initial story, consider some aspects the 'victim' did wrong that increased the risk of her becoming mugged. After the story I raise the points I considered. See how your thoughts compare with mine. A nice way to ease into this.

Click through to read each of these stories and see what you think!

Story 1.

Story 2.

Story 3.

Story 4.

Story 5.

Story 6.

Story 7.

Story 8.

There are not necessarily right or wrong answers.

I hope you were able to pull out some key points that were significant contributers leading to the attack going the way it did. Often a small change in the lead up to an attack can dramatically change the outcome.

Just keep in mind that we are looking at these attacks witht the clarity of hindsight. The aim is to have the presence of mind where we can have the insight into what is happening in the here and now and not only through hindsight and reflection.

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