Trial by Combat: A Quick Look at Duelling

A Brief History of Trial by Combat:

Duels outside the legal system, however, were much more common. The duels that remain so famous date back to the Italian Renaissance. Its inventors, in creating formal rules for fighting to resolve a dispute, intended to prevent endless conflicts and generation-spanning vendettas. The rules were designed to limit the advantage held by good fighters—something made easier with the development of dueling pistols, whose poor accuracy made winning a duel comparable to winning a coin toss. As journalist Arthur Krystal writes, “The duel of honor was supposed to cut back on unchecked violence… to make men think twice about resorting to violence.” 

Interesting read regarding formal duals in ye olden days. Some fascinating insights into how duelling was a normal part of a functioning society at a time of no real functioning legal system.

Of course, it wasn't all gravy. It did end after all. Interesting to note duelling ended not too long ago.

I might end up doing a more in-depth look at duals and ritualised combat in the future.