Ted Cruz, Guns, Sexual Assault and Mugs

Ted Cruz recently claimed that Australia's prohibition of most firearms in 1996 led to a significant increase in sexual assaults because women were unable to defend themselves.

I am all for self defence but seriously; what a load of bullshit.

The Washington Post did some research into Cruz's claims.

The rate of sexual assaults in Australia has increased slightly between 1996 and 2014, but there was no significant spike or drop after the 1996 legislative changes or buyback program. The increase likely is affected by the increase in reporting, and there wasn’t prevalent use of handguns for self-defense before 1996, as Cruz suggests.

There is evidence that the gun reforms helped reduce gun deaths, but it’s not a sole cause-and-effect relationship. Moreover...Australian gun culture is not comparable to American gun culture — i.e., the use of concealed carry, ability to carry handguns for self-defense.

Women were not previously allowed to carry firearms for self defence in Australia. His pro gun argument is shallow in the Australian context. There are better arguments for preventing sexual assaults against women, for self defence and, ironically, also for the pro-gun movement in the US.

The real issue I have is his fear mongering about a self defence issue and implying a simplistic sub-optimal solution.

Highlighting Australian gun crime rates pre and post 1996 and predicting similar outcomes for similar action in the US is a mug's game.