Case Study: The unpredictable typical criminal

News story:

The Daily Record of Morris County reported on Monday that authorities allege in court documents that Hannah, before he was shot, pointed a loaded shotgun at an officer, and that the hammer had been pulled back. The newspaper, citing affidavits filed in Superior Court in Morristown, said he had been kicked out of his grandparents’ home because of heroin use and told his grandmother he wanted to end his life.

The court papers also reportedly say Hannah stole a Kate Spade designer purse from a car in Butler on the day he was shot, keeping the contents but discarding the purse. Kate Spade purses can be worth hundreds of dollars. Neighbors said that police had been looking for Hannah that day and neighbors called police to tell them that the man they wanted was walking through the neighborhood disguised as a woman and walking with a limp.

This, in some ways, is a typical low life criminal. He engages in crime to fund his hobbies. However if you stumble across his path he could be dangerous.

He doesn't appear to be especially capable but the willingness and readiness to use violence is probably there. He is also likely to be highly unpredictable.

If you were running scenario training what would you brief the aggressor role player if you were to use the above person as an attacker model? What techniques? What overall approach? Would he hit and move to keep distance and maybe eventually flee? Or would he charge in and end up in the clinch? How would he wield a weapon? Swing keeping distance or go for big knock out hits? What about if he was armed with an edged weapon?

It is interesting to consider this particular case - even if it is based on incomplete information. Thinking about what this person would do in a real attack can provide really useful insights into the sorts of skills you would need to develop to best counter him in a real self defence encounter.

It is worthwhile spending time considering pre attack indicators and knowledge you could draw on to avoid getting involved in a physical encounter at all.

This person could feasibly be a predator (mainly) and also an alpha male (especially if high or drunk).

Confronting Armed Rascals

News Story:

Gamez had gone to Hernandez’s residence and slashed the tires of a vehicle belonging to Hernandez. Hernandez went outside and confronted Gamez. Gamez attacked Hernandez with the knife causing him injury.

Lesson: Don't confront someone unarmed who has just slashed your car tyres with a knife.

Drug use, mental health issues and extensive criminal history in an attacker


Mark Lavelle (32) was sentenced to seven years in prison with two suspended for the attack on Mr Cooper and the hijacking of a taxi.

Lavelle had taken crystal meth before the assault...Lawyers for Lavelle said he suffered from a mental disorder and had been with the State's psychiatric services since his mid-teens.

He has 62 previous convictions and a long history of substance abuse.

It is not just an angry aquaintance or drunk person at the pub who engages in violence. It is also people with mental disorders, extensive criminal records and long term drug use we need to consider in our awareness and self defence approach.

Such a combination in an attacker can often result in attackers with super aggression, strength and unpredictability.

Real Knife Attack and Startle Flinch Response Example


A 33-year-old was sitting in traffic in Steel Street, with the driver’s window down, when a man ran towards him from the footpath and started stabbing him.

The driver used his arms to protect his body, which bore the brunt of the attack, as he sat strapped into the driver’s seat.

This sudden attack would probably have triggered the startle-flinch response which is evident in the use of the arms to protect the body. Sometimes instinct and reflexes are good for our survival.

Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto

Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto

Get your hands on the FREE Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto.

It explores the important topic of the two main types of human to human violence.

Alpha Male and Predatory violence.

This topic is possibly the most important material to understand in order to have a sound appreciation of human violence and therefore self defence.

50 Year Trends in Violent Crime in the US - FBI Statistics

50 Year Trends in Violent Crime in the US - FBI Statistics

Analysing big data sets can turn up surprising results.

Looking at data collected over a 50 year period of a range of violent crimes, such as assault and robbery plus more, we can see some interesting correlations between various crime types. This was surprising as it added further weight to the Alpha Male and Predatory violence hypothesis.

This post will no doubt be interesting. Check it out.

Real Case Studies Highlight Most Assaults Occur Between People Who Know Each Other

We need to be as careful of people we know as we are about strangers. This post includes a number of news stories showing various real cases of assaults occurring between people who know each other. They involve teachers and students, partners, opposing gang members and more. The message is, its not just strangers who fight at pubs over spilt drinks and offensive 'looks'. Most of the time we know the aggressor.

Statistics support this fact.