Looking for the causes of the massive violent crime drop in the 90s

The Atlantic on that great violent crime drop that occurred in the US in the 1990's:

By decade’s end, the homicide rate plunged 42 percent nationwide. Violent crime decreased by one-third. What turned into a precipitous decline started later in some areas and took longer in others. But it happened everywhere: in each region of the country, in cities large and small, in rural and urban areas alike. In the Northeast, which reaped the largest benefits, the homicide rate was halved. Murders plummeted by 75 percent in New York City alone.

But the forces that drove the Great American Crime Decline remain a mystery. Theories abound among sociologists, economists, and political scientists about the causes, with some hypotheses stronger than others. But there’s no real consensus among scholars about what caused one of the largest social shifts in modern American history.

The author explores a few of the claimed reasons for the massive trend change citing a range of studies.

It is fascinating that we still don't have a better idea. It would be such a valuable and beneficial thing to know so that violent crime could be reduced elsewhere. The policies could be further refined and improved. The dramatic drop in violent crime numbers was impressive.

I've got my own ideas of what the major causes were looking at the various claims. However I think a lot of the apparent success was due to the very high numbers of the 90's in general. The situation was pretty horrible. Almost any measure would have had some effect.

I think most people have their opinions on this.

Chimp vs Chimp Violence and Insights into Human vs Human Violence

Chimp vs Chimp Violence and Insights into Human vs Human Violence

New studies into how chimpanzees engage in violence between one another shines great insight into the fundamental nature of how and why humans engage in violence with one another.

This post explores these recent studies and provides analysis into the meanings for us humans.

The Human Combative Behaviour Presentation

This post contains a highly produced slide deck exploring the topic of Human Combative Behaviour.

It combines some fantastic imagery, statistical analysis and features many of the key points from the Manifesto aiming to educate people about human to human violence.

Strategic Self Defence

Strategic Self Defence

Many people get confused regarding the differences between strategy and tactics; Even people who are well versed in various combat arts and sciences.

This post examines exactly what strategy is and what it is not - from a self defence perspective.

Then we go deep and explore how we can approach self defence from a strategic perspective. This will get you thinking big picture and how the deliberate big picture decisions we make flow down to everything else.

The Warrior is Dead, Long Live the Warrior

The Warrior is Dead, Long Live the Warrior

What is a warrior? Is the term even relevant today?

Is a warrior only a soldier? What about a martial artist? What about an MMA champ? What about a cop? What about a mercenary? What about a cancer survivor? What about a sporting legend?

This post argues that most of the above are NOT a warrior. This post examines what a warrior actually is - in some detail.

Caution - some people may be offended.

Finally, the Differences Between Strategy and Tactics Explained

Finally, the Differences Between Strategy and Tactics Explained

We finally examine the key differences between strategy and tactics.

Having a clear understanding of the two very different meanings will aid in understanding how strategic thinking can drive everything in your life - including self defence understanding and training.

Colour Codes of Awareness

Colour Codes of Awareness

The colour codes of awareness is essential learning.

It is one of those concepts that needs to be understood so you then know what rules you break and when (and if you should).

It is an excellent concept for appreciating how to apply awareness and how you can step up your awareness in higher risk times and ease it up in lower risk times.

50 Year Trends in Violent Crime in the US - FBI Statistics

50 Year Trends in Violent Crime in the US - FBI Statistics

Analysing big data sets can turn up surprising results.

Looking at data collected over a 50 year period of a range of violent crimes, such as assault and robbery plus more, we can see some interesting correlations between various crime types. This was surprising as it added further weight to the Alpha Male and Predatory violence hypothesis.

This post will no doubt be interesting. Check it out.