Self Defense Smarts - our new ebook on Amazon!

I recently launched my first book on Amazon!

It is called Self Defense Smarts.

After being listed on Amazon for the first 24 hours it went to #1 in Violence in Society and #1 in Martial Arts. It also broke through the overall Top 300 mark for the entire Kindle marketplace (not bad for a self defense book). I am so happy with how it was received!

Some of the first reviews started to come in during those initial days. All five star reviews so far!! (Reviews are continuing to be provided - check the Amazon page for updated reviews).

The ebook is essentially a ‘best of’ from articles featured here on Low Tech Combat over the years. I have also written a couple of extra exclusive chapters just for Self Defense Smarts. The new chapter I am most happy with explores how we can utilise risk management principles for smart self defense. I think most Low Tech Combat readers will really like that one.

Other chapters in the book cover the following topics:

  • What is Strategic Self Defense?
  • What self defense school or martial art is right for you?
  • How much should you train?
  • What is a Warrior?
  • What is the full spectrum of human to human conflict?
  • Can you be stabbed with a weapon and not know it?
  • Is grappling a smart thing to do when there is a knife involved?
  • What are the colour codes of awareness?
  • Aliveness.
  • Is killing someone who broke into your home self defense?
  • Are combat sports a waste of time for self defense?
  • The best improvised weapons in the world.

And lots more.

Self Defense Smarts is packed full with well over 50,000 words and hundreds of pages. It is not one of those teeny tiny ebooks.

Self Defense Smarts will be a great and convenient way for you to have ready access to the best articles from Low Tech Combat over the years. I like reading books in Kindle because of the easy searching, highlighting and note taking. The popular highlighted sections are always interesting as well.

Check it out on Amazon and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy it!

Can I ask of you just one thing?

I have just one big favour to ask. I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave an honest review on Amazon.

The number and ratings of reviews are a key indicator for Amazon to identify that a book is doing well which can push it up the best seller lists. The further up the lists it goes the more people get exposed to it. I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to get their hands on this book. Leaving a review would be a great way you can help contribute to this ebook being seen by as many people as possible.

P.S. Yes, I know. To my Australian readers I know I am spelling 'defense' the American (wrong) way. By far, the biggest section of my audience is from the US and I expect most people on the Amazon book store are going to be American too so thought it just makes sense to spell it the US way - 'defense'. It does hurt me on the inside. I will probably keep spelling it the proper way (defence) on this site outside of this post about Self Defense Smarts.