Intervention of Repeat Victims of Violent Crime

The Washington Post.

Research shows that if hospital patients with gunshot or stab wounds return to their previous circumstances, the odds are good that they will come back to the emergency department with another injury.

In addition, trends and anecdotal evidence suggest that people at higher risk for violent injury are likely to face issues such as domestic violence, mental illness and substance abuse. They also often deal with other stressors, such as poverty and bad housing.

UCSF found that people who had come to the hospital with a gunshot or stab wound and then participated in the intervention program were far less likely to get injured again. The number of patients returning with another violent injury dropped from 16 percent

This seems like promising work.

What it also shows is the average person who has never been a victim of violent crime is less likely to be so than overall averages indicate due to 'repeat victims' skewing the numbers.