The Fetish of Streetfighting the Unskilled Possesses

Matt Thornton

The allure of “street fighting” disappears pretty quickly once someone sincere begins training in a combat sport. The idea of beating up the average man holds no glamour when you spend your days battling with fellow athletes who are at least as skilled as you are at the art of hand to hand combat.


I have no respect for people who have a genuine interest in getting in street fights. It is weak. It is a desperate grasp for status. Such action appears like the pertpetrator is attempting to gather and pour self esteem into an empty vessel that is full of holes.

This is especially so for people who use the ‘sucker punch’ or ‘king hit’ 1 - even more so the ones that come in from a flank and blindside people. That is pathetically weak and shows an immense lack of confidence in ones own abilities.

  1. We should all start referring to these sorts of pathetic attacks as the ‘scum punch’ or ‘coward hit’. Calling them ‘king hit’ and even ‘sucker punch’ can imply some sort of (a), skill in applying it (king hit) or (b), fault of the victim (sucker punch). This is not my idea; there are many who are promoting this. I think it makes sense though I am not sure what effect it will have as far as numbers of these sorts of attacks goes. If nothing else these are better descriptors.