The Human Combative Behaviour Presentation

Here is a first for Low Tech Combat.

I have spent a lot of time putting together a slideshow presentation all about Human Combative Behaviour. It combines some fantastic imagery and touches on many of the key points from the Manifesto aimed to educate people about human to human violence.

Here it is:

Human Combative Behavior Presentation


Adam LTC

It is a very nice and presentable way to express some of the ideas contained in the

Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto

which is completely free to all email subscribers.

To watch the presentation above just click on the right (or left to go back) arrow to go through the slides. There are 51 slides in total packed with valuable information about human violence.

It is an exciting and new way to present valuable information to what is most likely a new group of people who find professional looking presentations a great way to learn new knowledge.

Feel free to share this around. The link to the slideshow at the slideshare site can be found


. You can view the above Human Combative Behaviour presentation there as well as many other great presentations as well.

I hope you all like it!