Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto


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The Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto.

Understanding human to human violence enables you to recognise a violent encounter before it happens. It enables you to avoid places, activities and times that are high risk for certain types of violence.

It enables you to avoid violence.

Understanding human to human violence better enables you to de-escalate a situation if you have been unable to avoid it.


Have a sneak peak inside the Manifesto below. Note: The Manifesto in the video is the older original version.


Understanding Human Combative Behaviour is about knowing that broadly, there are only two types of violent encounter...

  1. An Alpha Male encounter, and
  2. A Predatory encounter.

The Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto provides details of both of these types of violent encounters. You will learn the following:

  • Know how to recognise high risk places, times and activities for each of the two types of human combative behaviour
  • Understand the vast differences between the Alpha Male and the Predator
  • Know the different goals of each
  • Know how to avoid each
  • Know how to de-escalate each (they both require two very different approaches)

There is a whole lot more in the Manifesto. It is over 10,000 words and 40 pages.

BONUS Case Studies

Besides the Manifesto, you will also be sent 5 Case Studies.

These will explore 5 real attacks and look at how they happened. The case studies will show you what type of combative behaviour the attacks were, the locations they happened and what the victim was doing at the time (and what they were not doing...) and more.

These case studies will showcase real incidents in the light of the knowledge learned in the Manifesto and will show you how you can apply the knowledge learnt in real life.

The case studies will show how a knowledge of human combative behaviour could have enabled the victim to recognise early what was going on and avoid the incident altogether or evade it or de-escalate it.

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