News: Man Attacked by 6 Muggers

A 19 yr old man was walking alone down an alleyway in the UK shortly after midnight on a Friday night. He was subsequently attacked by 6 young males who were wearing hooded jumpers with their hoods up and were aged 18-19yrs old. They punched and kicked him and stole 85 pounds in cash.

Police are appealing for information.

Know Your Environment

This attack could have been avoided. And it will be pretty self evident for subscribers and regular readers of Low Tech Combat as to all of the points that just scream out BEWARE!

Firstly, the victim was walking down an alleyway late at night. A Friday night as well. This is a high risk area for Robberies.

Secondly, the victim was by himself. He should have been extra observant of his surroundings and known he was a more attractive target for Robberies.

Thirdly, young males aged between 16 and 24 are the highest risk age group for becoming victims of Robberies in the UK.

And Fourthly, four or more attackers is very common in the UK as the previous link highlights.

All of these factors combined with the fact that 6 young males were in the area should have set alarm bells ringing. From the wash up, there should have been plenty of sign that an attack was likely.

What to do?

I can hear the questions. What should he have done? Should he have been ready and launched a pre emptive, surprise attack on his would be attackers? Should he have run once he realised the attack was likely? Should he have found an item on the ground to use as an improvised weapon? Should he simply have not walked down that alleyway in the first place?

All are valid questions. It really depends as to the lay of the ground. The 6 young attackers may have been hiding in bushes. But again, some simple scanning should detect this. And by the way, if I am walking down an alleyway on a Friday night by myself, I will definitely be scanning. No mistake.

Detection Requires Looking

Detection is the first step. Once a threat has been detected, it can be avoided;

Before it gets physical. But to detect a threat someone needs to be looking for it. 

I will leave it up to each of you to decide what you might have done, had you been in the same situation. I just wanted to highlight that many attacks can be prevented through the application of knowledge. There are generally always signs of an impending attack. Fighting skills is not everything.

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