News: 69yr old Ex Wrestler Fights off Muggers

69yr old Tony Edwards told Police that the two muggers would be easy to find. They've each got a lump on their head. One lump says 'Tomato Soup' and the other one 'Mulligatawny'. He was carrying two cans of soup and a loaf of bread in a plastic bag and swiftly struck them with it.

The Event

Mr Edwards was walking to the shops at night (which he doesn't normally do but had nothing for tea), looking down at the ground. The ground hadn't been surfaced and Mr Edwards didn't want to fall.

Mr Edwards explains "Suddenly these two jumped me. I told them to go away, politely, but one went behind me and just took my legs from under me. It was then that the kicking started.

“I have been in worse pickles in my wrestling days so I retained the presence of mind to get up.
“I swung out with the shopping — two tins of soup and a loaf of bread — and connected."

As this happened a person nearby yelled out and the two men fled.

So who is Mr Edwards?

Mr Edwards travelled the world wrestling in the 60's, including living in Singapore for three years. He also appeared on television as 'The Outlaw', a masked wrestler. He was part of a four man team with a wild west theme. Quite the character. Certainly, Mr Edwards is not someone that a couple of mugs would want to attack. I am sure they got quite the shock when they saw Mr Edwards get up off the ground and start swinging those cans of food around. I can only assume that he asked them if that is all they got.

Above: Mr Edwards in his younger days.

Funniest of all, he faced a similar attack about ten years ago. On that occasion it resulted in one attacker winded and the other struck in the throat.


Now this case, though a fun story, shows us familiar areas where the risk of attacks can be mitigated. It was fortunate that Mr Edwards can handle himself. Others may not be so lucky.

Street, Night, Alone, Not Aware...

Again we can see that being alone, on the street, at night, and looking down are all significant high risk actions. It is very important that we are aware of higher risk environments and times. The most likely place that a Robbery will occur, by far, is on the street. It is important to always remember this.

More Robberies are likely at night and the victim is most likely to be alone. In the US and elsewhere, the victim is most likely to be going to or from some other place. All of the above factors were evident in this attack.

By looking at real cases we can see how the attack happened to identify activities that we can engage in (or not engage in), to minimise our chances of becoming chosen as a victim. Once again, awareness is vital.

Original news story via Newark Advertiser