Violence - That Ugly Word


Violence (From Wikipedia) the expression of physical force against self or other, compelling action against one's will on pain of being hurt...

Violence ( From Merriam-Webster)

Exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse...
Intense, turbulent or furious and often destructive action or force.

This post will not examine the nature of violence, its drivers, its causes or whether or not violence is 'hardwired' into our genetic make up. This post is aimed purely to mention and briefly discuss violence to ensure that this inevitable aspect of physical encounters is acknowledged and not ignored.

Its Easy to Not Think About

Violence, the use of violence and the thought of defending against violent attacks can be forgotten or dismissed in this civilised society we live in. And yet, for those of us who intend to potentially fight back if attacked, it is a very fundamental aspect for this activity we plan on possibly doing in the future.

We must acknowledge violence along with its pointlessness and ferocity and study it and understand it and perhaps also desensitise ourselves to it.

Violence is Many Things

Violence encompasses many things such as fear, intimidation, verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, other controlling behaviour and stimulates significant physiological and psychological responses.

We need to acknowledge this and must be prepared to face violence if we are to have any hope in stopping it.

Does our Training Prepare us Appropriately?

People 'train' to be able to defend themselves but how dislocated are their expectations from reality? It is normal to go into an air conditioned and clean space with clean clothes on and be super polite and show good manners throughout the entire session in what is supposed to be a session in preparing to defend, fight back or otherwise counter a violent attack. Using the word 'violent' just then was unnecessary as all types of attack are violent but I really think people can fall into the trap of forgetting that.

Stay on Track

Below are a few videos which are real examples of violence being acted out in society. The point is not to glorify violence but to bring violence to your consciousness so that you can ensure what you are training for closely resembles the cold realities of violence.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

As you watch these videos, ask yourself some questions. You are asking these questions to yourself. No-one else can hear the answers. No-one else will know. Just be honest with yourself.

Is my current training preparing me for these types of attacks?

Do I train at these types of intensities?

Do these people look comfortable? Am I comfortable during training sessions??? (the answer should be the same for each)

Do I train against attackers who move like the attackers do in the videos? (They are adrenalized)

Have I mentally accepted that this is what I may face?

Am I in denial that this type of violence will ever happen to me?

Its only About Learning

What your answers tell you is only for you to know and learn from. Hopefully your training is close to the path.

And here they are.

No its not pretty. Yes, its unfair. Yes, its pointless. Yes its violent.

The aim here isn't to glorify violence, just to show some mild examples to ensure we are all sticking close to reality.

The aim is not to fight like these people but in training, we should definitely face similar types of attacks, attackers and situations.

Image by monsieurlam