How Hard is it Really?

Image by Bring back Buck

How hard is it to defend yourself against someone really? I mean, seriously, if you have trained for a matter of years with the intent to defend yourself against an attacker, surely, you are ready by now? Do you think a possible attacker trains as much as you do? I doubt it very much. So why train for more than a few years?

Are you Wasting Your Time?

If you havn't gotten yourself up to a suitable standard over a time frame of years than really, you are never gonna get there. You might as well give up and walk along looking at your feet. Years and years of training is a long time.

It is important that we step back and take a look at what it is we do when we train for many years with the intent to defend ourselves against a likely attack. It is important that we acknowledge that a likely attacker is not out there training the way we are.

The Likely Attack

Take the example of someone who has been training for five years with the intent of being able to defend him or herself or friends against a likely attack. The most likely attack will probably be a case of assault and possibly robbery (These odds have been discussed here in more detail elsewhere. Look at the sidebar to the right for more info on this).

Anyone who has persisted to train for five years is very very unlikely to be the initiator of assault and even more unlikely to be the initiator of robbery. These type of people would have quit long ago or would not have even started as they would likely assume that they are already awesome fighters. It takes a certain amount of humbleness and nobility to accept we do not know all we can, so we go out and search for someone to teach us.

A LOT Can be Learnt in Just Five Years

Take comfort in the fact that a likely attacker has inferior skills to you after training for five years. Five years is a long time to train. Someone can earn a degree in five years. A trade can be earnt in five years. A child can be born and be at school in five years. So why do people continue to train after five years?

I think a lot of people through whatever cause, give the likely attacker far too much credit and under appreciate their own skills. I mean seriously, if after five whole years you are still not confident in being able to stop an attack that you really need to stop, step back and have a look at what you have been doing for the last five years of your life.

Again, the Alpha Male and the Predator

A likely Alpha Male attacker will generally be intoxicated which will mean his co-ordination will be quite poor and he will be quick to fatigue, he will be suffering from tunnel vision and all the other effects of adrenal stress which you will be and most likely he will be less trained than you are. Be confident in these details!

A likely Predatory attack will be reliant on the element of surprise, will probably be poorly trained in close combat, will likely be drunk or a drug addict and/or be physically malnourished and again, you will probably be more highly trained. Be confident in these details!

Work the Basics, Hard and Realistically! Its That Simple!

Defending against a likely attack is really quite simple. Train often doing gross motor techniques which professional fighters can apply in the combat sports such as punches, elbows, low kicks and kness as well as standing and ground grappling. Learn how to use impact and edged weapons such as sticks and knives as these are the most common weapons used today.

The emphasis? Work on the basics over and over again and work them hard! Do not get fancy, ever. A good basic framework is kickboxing or Muay Thai type training, Greco Roman or freestyle wrestling or BJJ or other stand up and ground grappling type training and also some Filipino weapon training.

Destroy the Enemy, he is Probably a Deadshit

You do not have to be at the elite level in these systems, just have a good grasp of the basics. A few years doing this will see you absolutely destroy most types of potential attacks.

Remember, a likely attacker is not a highly trained assassin! He is generally just a deadshit!

There is one other thing which you can and should do every single day of your life. Be aware of your surroundings. Notice when you are in a higher threat area and maintain 360 degree awareness and look for likely threats. This is free and you do not need to spend any money to do it. This is your first level of defence.

Deny an Attacker the Element of Surprise

If you maintain that first level of defence, you can never be caught by surprise. If you are never caught by surprise, I would say your ability to defend yourself has just gone up 500%. The element of surprise really is THAT important in the successful outcome of an attack. Deny that element and you massively turn the odds in your favour. Its that easy.

So what should you do if you HAVE been training for over five years? Hang up the gloves and retire? Not exactly. I guess the point I am trying to make is don't use up your valuable time on this earth with spending an unnecessarily high amount of your time training. Once you have spent a solid few years training, you can back it off a little. Go out and live your life. After all, that is why you want to protect your life isn't it? So you can live it? So get out there and live it!!!

Intensity and Realism - The Simple Solution

Its like an athlete who is training for an event. They train hard, then back off or taper. Once a high level is achieved it can maintained at a higher level with much less work than it takes if you want to increase to a higher level.

The secret to maintaining a high standard with less time spent is this. You need to maintain a high level of intesity for those times you DO train. A really good idea is to do those short Reality Based Self Defence (RBSD) courses such as FAST Defense and Senshido and other high level and realistic seminars.

It isnt really that hard. Train the basics often and hard and realistically for a few years and then just back off the number of sessions done per month but maintain or even increase the intensity. Remember, a likely attacker is a deadshit, don't forget that! Have confidence in yourself and your training.

The Caveat

There is one caveat to all of this. The trained opponent. There is always the outside chance of facing a trained opponent. There are no final solutions in life, or in self defence. There are very highly skilled and able people out there, make no mistake about it. There are combat sport athletes, 100% committed martial artists, hardened criminals, military personel, security professionals and more. These people are out there.

These people are another level altogether. But how likely do you think it is to find one of these people attacking you for no reason? I would say it is very very unlikely. Even the hardened criminal will not want to attack someone on the street. Why? He has other shitheads to do his dirty work for him. He doesn't need the unneccesasary risk of such petty shit.

Walking the Path...

To train to be able to go up against the high end of the combative world is different to be able to defend yourself against likely attackers on the street. This type of skill is beyond the scope of this post. To do this is to walk the warriors path. This involves time and commitment. Often, a very big time commitment as well.This is a different subject altogether.

Once more, it is very very unlikely that these level of warriors will attack you for no reason. This is perhaps further incentive to be nice and not pick fights with people. After all, how well do you really know the person you have chosen???

Live Your Life

The people who attack others are generally deadshits. Do not forget this. It really isnt that hard. Have confidence in your training. Go out there and live your life, that is why you strive to protect it don't you?