Water Theory

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Water Theory

Water theory encompasses many things much as water can mean many things. Water also does many things. Water can take the shape of any implement that holds it. It is adaptable. Water can be truly powerful and unstoppable. Water doesn't resist objects, it flows around them. Water can be a highly concentrated force as well as extremely soft, and much more.

Water theory is one of the three theories of Hapkido. Hapkido is where I was first exposed to this thing called water theory. The other two theories of Hapkido are circular motion and non-resistance. It was water theory that I spent some time contemplating today...

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Water can provide inspiration for clarity. Clarity of mind, clarity of thoughts, clarity of purpose and clarity of intentions and motivation. A clear mind operates more effectively than a cloudy or blurred mind. Water can provide that inspiration.

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Water does not resist an object in its path. It merely flows around it. I have also found that if something is blocking my path in life or is stressing me out, I find it helps tremendously to just forget about it and move on.

It is best not to get angry or stressed and just flow around it. It is amazing how many things we stress out about that don't really matter. Once we make that decision to flow around them, it is actually quite easy to do. This is being more like water.

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In a very martial way, water can also be an absolutely powerful thing. A fast flowing river can lift and move trucks and force houses off their foundations. Water when concentrated can also be very powerful. This can be observed when we are using tools like the heavy bag when we are striving to develop power.

It is worthwhile imagining concentrated water flowing up from your toes, up your legs, accelerated by your rotating hips and forced out in a highly concentrated force, out along your arms and through your fist or palm. This is also water theory.

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Water does its own thing. It is on its own path. It has its own rules and standards it adheres to. Nothing can stop it. Whatever obstacle it faces, it just continues on, undeterred and never wavering. We should also live our lives like this.

To often, others impose limits on us and try to control us and perhaps take us off our path. We must be more like water. We must strive to live our life according to our rules and not be led away from that path. Sometimes, our path we choose can seem quite challenging and that gorge ahead looks quite dark and scary. But if we continue on, like water, we often find that the path we choose is not actually scary, but totally invigorating and amazing. Live your life, be free and do what you really want to do.

Be like water.