What Gender are the Best MA Bloggers REALLY?

I recently found an interesting site (and wasted much time) which analyses the gender of a blogger by entering the URL of their blog address. It analyses purely the writing style using only the latest, high tech algorithmic calculations and scales using NASA's super computers (Im sure). I thought it was quite fun so I put together a post for your viewing pleasure!

Nathan at TDA Training

Now it appears that Nathan is indeed actually a man. But at 55% he is fairly gender neutral.

Matthew at Ikigai Way

Clearly, Matthew is ALL MAN with 87% confirmation. Go check out Ikigai Way for information from a real man!

Scott at Straight to the Bar

Scott? IF that's your real name. What's going on here? For all that hard core strength and conditioning on Straight to the Bar, it would appear that you are indeed a woman!

Mark at MarksTraining

Hmm. Slightly suspicious at just 53% certainty that Mark is a man. The key words are 'quite gender neutral'...

Ray at Floro Fighting

No questions here. Ray is 69% all man! What about the other 31%...

Tom at the things worth believing in

Again, we have another man in our presence with Tom at 63%. Not many questions there.

Wayne at JuggernautMMA

Well, judging by his writing style, the gender analyser thinks Juggs is half man half woman! Well, to be fair, it does say man, however he is quite gender netral. Best of both worlds?

Ross at Ross Training

No surprises here. Ross Enamait is a man! We've all seen his videos on his site. Amazing stuff. It just goes to confirm the accuracy of this high tech 'Gender Analyser'.

The mysterious Brillianter

Wow. However you are, brillianter, it would seem that you are a man. I say that with 82% certainty.

Michele at Just a Thought

Michele, your claims of being a woman check out with the gender analyser at 61%. Note to readers, although Michele is a woman, she is one tough woman! Check out her blog.

John at My Self Defense Blog

John, you are 74% all man. They are some pretty high figures there so from what you have been writing, it is definitely from a man's perspective.

Matt Thornton at Aliveness 101

(Straight Blast Gym)

The analyser isn't too confident when it concludes that they 'guess' that Matt Thornton is a man. Matt writes in a quite gender-neutral manner. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Black Belt Mama

Umm... I don't know what to say. Black Belt Mama is by far the manliest man on this list! The all knowing all thinking gender analyser is 89% certain that she is a man. What does that say for the rest of us???

Kevin at Budo Warrior

Pretty good indication (71%) that Kevin writes much as his gender has programmed him to. The gender analyser's unique and advanced algorythms 'think' Kevin is a man which is a much stronger claim than 'guessing' he is a man.

Don at Don Stevensons-Octogen Fitness

Well well well. It seems that a kettlebell instructor and fitness guru is actually a woman! To be fair, the analyser only 'guesses' probably because of the low 58%. Rather than being JUST a woman, it appears that Dons writing style is quite gender neutral. What is it with all these tough strength and conditioning dudes writing like women?

Dave at Unarmed and Dangerous

Another high rating with Dave being 79% all man. Of course I think we can all tell by the manly advice Dave gives on his site as it has a great Low Tech Combat focus. And written like a man it is too.

'Firehand' at ElmTreeForge (Irons in the Fire)

Another mystery person here. From the results above, it seems the 'Firehand' is some kind of man. We can now say this with some degree of certainty. Well, with 72% certainty.

The Fight Geek

59% positive identification as a man is a much better result than some other strength and conditioning aficionado's... However the fight geek is still quite gender neutral.

Matt at Martial Fighter

Umm, Matt? It would seem that you write like a woman. Your saving grace here is that it states that your writing is quite gender neutral. For a woman...

Boss Mongo at Mongo's Montreaux

Hmm. Boss Mongo you just scraped it in as being a man. 50% and quite gender neutral. Although im sure being half man and half woman is ok. Stay safe.

Bob at Striking Thoughts

Bob? Your kind of the opposite to Boss Mongo above. It seems that you are actually a gender neutral woman. Bobbet maybe?

Low Tech Combat?

Well now its time for the big guns. I know you're all wondering... What gender do I write with here at Low Tech Combat???????????????

Damn... Not what I was hoping for. At least I am a man. That is reassuring to know. I would have liked to have a bit more of a buffer zone to play with.

I have seriously wasted enough time on this for now so will end it there. It kept me entertained for a while :) Any thoughts on the matter? There sure are some surprises there. It also raises some suspiscions. What is going on over at Straight to the Bar and Octogen Fitness? Are they really written by women? And is Black Belt Mama really a man?