Protect Life. Live Life?

Image by Midnight-Digital

Readers of Low Tech Combat have one thing in common. The want to be able to provide safety and security to themselves and/or others they care about. This is serious business. They want to protect themselves and others from other human beings intent on doing them physical harm.

The Martial Way is Serious Business

This involves training and study. It requires developing an understanding of the various threats, the likely attacks, the locations of these attacks, the pre attack indicators, the defences, the personal security measures along with the various techniques and tactics of person to person combat plus lots more.

If you are reading this post it shows that you take this martial endeavour seriously as you have actively gotten on the internet and clicked on a link or searched at some stage for information about human to human interpersonal combat. And well done, most people wipe their hands of the responsibility of there own security and safety to others (police) and complain when that delegation isn't there for them in a time of need. It is important that we take responsibility for own security.

Step Back and Have A Look at Your Life

As stated earlier, this pursuit is serious business. And it needs to be taken seriously. However, sometimes it is important to step back a bit and have a look at the bigger picture. Why is it we are studying this martial way at all? Essentially it is to preserve our own life and the lives of those we care about. That makes perfect sense. But again, why? To remain alive? But why? The whole reason we train so hard is so we can remain alive and not get injured.

Live Your Life

Our life and our time on this planet is important to us obviously. Sometimes we need to step back from the seriousness of this martial way and actually live our lives!

Get Out There! Have fun and go out on adventures from time to time. Explore the planet and do something that scares you a little. Or a lot! Step outside your comfort zone and break your normal routine.

  • Organise a weekend to go and visit your nearest National Park,

  • Ring up an old friend you haven't spoken to for a long time,

  • Search for a better job, that job you always wanted to do but never got around to,

  • Start your own business,

  • Go mountain biking,

  • Learn how to swim if you can't.

There are many experiences that await those to try them. Life can be truly amazing. Decide what it is that interests you, that really gets your fire burning and go and do it!

It is so important that we don't keep putting things off because guess what? One day we are going to die and you will have never done them.

There is an old tale. I'm not sure where it first came from but it goes something like this:

Imagine you get ill and end up in hospital. The doctor says you have a terminal illness, don't have long to live and in that time you do have left, you won't be leaving the hospital either as you require constant medical care. A sad thought enters yours mind. You have had a long life, you are about to die and you realise that you have never really lived.

Stop putting things off. Do those things which you always wanted to do. Life is truly amazing and offers memories and experiences that will last forever.

I want to finish off with a video that highlights the extreme end of the spectrum. I am not saying everyone should go to Norway and begin BASE Jumping with Wingsuits, I just want to show what is possible in this thing we call life. I hope you enjoy it.

Protect life, but don't forget to Live Life as well!