Improvised Weapons - Best Discussion Ever

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I was just browsing through the Fighting Arts Forum before and came across an awesome thread on Improvised Weapons. It goes for 8 pages. Some of the highlights include the following:

I was in a village riot in El Salvador in 1999. I saw a man defending his child. He picked up a goat. That's right a goat, and swung it twice against an armed militia-man.


fixed things make good weapons, too. throwing somebody into a bench or a tree is just as affective as hiting somebody with a club, sometimes.

And some good advice below,

But the key word is "improvised". If you go into a situation w/ an "imporvised" weapon already prepared, you've demonstrated Intent (like the inmate above) & will probably be prosecuted for ADW (Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon).

Food for thought,

Not so obvious
Jacket (strangling, blocking, distraction)
Aerosol (spray in the eyes, combine with a lighter? lol)
Rocks/Tiles (throwing , possibly used as stabbing weapon.. tiles are sharp)
Sand/dirt (distraction)
.357 Revolver (uses atm unknown, will continue to think )

Havn't heard of this one before...

the brim of a hat pushed straight on into the forhead gives a pretty nice jolt believ it or not. Just got to use yur imagination or make do with what you got.

I agree with the next one,

Curious how so many people think of pool cues. Personally, I'd choose those 16 round ivory projectiles that come with it.

Is this one over the top or sensible?

My instructor also says whenever he goes into a bar or wherever, he checks to see if the chairs are bolted down or removeable, are the tables thick enough to stop bullets or big enough to hide behind, how far of a reach is it to the bottles behind the bar, do the bouncers have any visible weopons (flash lights, pepper spray, etc.), and can the windows be smashed or jumped through for a quick exit.

As a distraction,

Here's an interesting phenomenon: if you weild something like a weapon, no matter what it is, an opponent will usually focus on it. As long as it appears that you know what you're doing, whoever you're fighting is going to look at the cup or magazine or whatever you have in your hand, and therefor be forced to adjust when, instead, you kick them in the shin.

Friendly Felines...

Reading further back in the thread, I note the cat idea. I seem to recall seeing a film where someone just threw a cat at someone. As the cat was pretty peeved it was in claws-out mode on contact.

Viking Combat...

He is also responsible for starting something called Viking Combat, a system using shields and sticks. The idea came to him after having to use a dustbin lid and a lump of wood in a defence situation.

And another...

i once saw a guy get knocked out with an empty two-liter of mountain dew! also candles, and pocket change make good weapons, at the very least they will make a guy duck so you can rush em!

Be prepared without appearing pre-meditated...

A belt with a nice big metal belt buckle makes a great improvised weapon. Thats why I always wear one when I go places with a lot of people that I don't know.

I found a lot of the posts insightful.



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