5 Day Fruit Fast - Day 1

Image by noellium

Well, its the end of my first day on the 5 day fruit fast. It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard either.

Two Things of Note

Towards the middle of the afternoon I noticed 2 things. One, I began to umm... pass some quite smelly wind for the rest of the day and two, I began having mild cravings for some heavier food. I really felt like chicken and salad. It's one of my favourite meals.

I Enjoyed Eating a lot of Fruit

It wasn't too bad today at all. I ate a good variety of fruit and it was all ripe and fresh. Below is a list of what I ate today. I think I may have left a few pieces out of this list but this will give you an idea of what I ate throughout one day. I always ate combinations of fruit for variety.

2 x Granny Smith Apples,

1 x Delicious (red) Apple,

6 x Plums,

5 x Apricots,

3 x Bananas,

4 x Nectarines and

1 x Large bunch of green seedless Grapes.

They weren't in any particular serving sizes. I pretty much just grazed throughout the day.

I also drank about 4 glasses of water. That's not much but also remember that fruit has a high water content.

I will post up the results of day 2, tomorrow.