5 Day Fruit Fast - Beginnings

Image by mralan

Today I'm beginning a 5 Day Fruit Fast. This involves eating only fruit and drinking only water for 5 Days. You can eat as much fruit as you want. It is best to eat as wide a variety of fruit as you can find to prevent boredom and provide some variation and more enjoyment.

I have done it before and the first few days are the hardest as your body really starts to crave heavy food like pasta, steak or pizza. I've noticed the first few days I go to the toilet a bit more than usual as well, but that settles down.

The Best and Most Natural Detox

It really is a good and healthy way to detox. There are no man made products that need consuming, only fresh fruit and lots of water.

If you DO decide to do it (and it doesn't have to be today or even this week), make a deliberate effort to only pick FRESH fruit. There is nothing worse than eating fruit that is off, or borderline. Fruit is the most tasty food, only if it is fresh!

Food Really Does Matter

Food is the most powerful drug you will ever put into your body. If you need more evidence of this, do yourself a favour and check out Food Matters. It may just change your life.

You Can, and Should, Still Train. Another benefit to detoxing this way is that you can still train during this 'fasting' period as you are still consuming food and ingesting energy.

You do not go hungry. Sure, protein is lacking but for only 5 days, I personally feel it is well worth it. In fact, I would recommend training or at least getting up a good sweat at least a few times as this will help clean out the pores and skin, and the elevated heart rate helps flush out a lot of toxins from the bodies systems.

Daily Updates

I will post up at the end of every day, detailing what I've eaten, how I've felt, the difficulties I've found and the cravings which will no doubt come as well.

It is just after breakfast on Monday morning here in Australia and I ate a large bunch of seedless grapes for breakfast. In the fridge I have Rockmelon (Cantelope), Apricots, Apples, Banana's, more Grapes (I love them) and some pears.

Stock Up First

If and when you do this 5 Day Fruit Fast, it is very important that you stock the fridge up with at least 2 Days worth of fruit. Running out of fruit combined with some inherent human laziness will make it tempting to just grab whatever is available. You must remain disciplined, it will be well worth it in the end and you will feel much better for it at the end of the 5 Days.

Go for variety as this will make it easier and more enjoyable. You will be surprised at how much fruit you will consume.

Stay Tuned

So that is all for now. This series can be found later under the label '5 Day Fruit fast'. Will post the first days finding later today. I'm off to go have an apple :)

If you have any questions at any stage, fire them away.