New Solo Training Device for Boxing Skills

I recently came across an interesting training aid whilst checking out some past posts on Nathans excellent blog, TDA Training. I found it through one of the comments. This device, called 'Boxerballs', is designed to stimulate the reflexes during solo training which is quite difficult to do generally without a partner.


The training aid is primarily for boxing skill training. The video above is a better description than words can do. What I like about it is that you can get a kind of realistic "sparring" session done by oneself. Training with this apparatus I would envisage, would very much stimulate the reflexes and would require quick movements in both defence and offence. Bobbing and weaving away from the multiple balls as well as quick target acquisition and striking a mobile target.

Sparring Solo?

This is good training. In the real thing, a target is only going to be open for a short period of time. During that period of time three things have to happen.


  1. You have to detect the opening,
  2. You have to make the mental decision to attack it, then
  3. Physically be quick enough and accurate enough to land a strike onto the target whilst it is still open and possibly moving.

These types of skills are readily trainable by training with live training partners when drilling, sparring and/or wrestling but not so easily replicated when training solo. On top of that, it provides a further challenge by offering multiple targets on multiple levels! This would be a very stimulating type of training in my opinion!

Stimulating those Reflexes

I first came across this training aid just 10 minutes ago from one of the comments on one of Nathan's older posts from February 2008 titled, Gross versus fine motor skills training. I have no other knowledge on the product other than what I have recently seen and read in the last 10 minutes. Perhaps I should have done more research before posting? I think not.

From what I have seen, I think it is a great training aid. The inventor, Brendan, also seems interested in bringing Boxerballs to the wider training public. Maybe you can help him? Check out the Boxerballs youtube channel and the Boxerball blog

Seems like a great product!