Jissen - Martial Arts Magazine FREE

I first found Jissen through a recent post over at MarksTraining.

Jissen is a free online Martial Arts Magazine which is put together solely with a pragmatic approach to dealing with the Martial Arts. It focuses on effectiveness and practicality. It is edited by Iain Abernethy.

Because it is delivered free and online, the articles don't have to be popular and mainstream which ensures some of the articles are quite interesting.

It features 13 articles over 54 pages. A sample of titles includes:

  • How to Spar for the Street,
  • How to Survive a Knife Assault,
  • Martial Arts Scepticism: A manifesto and
  • Power and Impact

I definitely recommend checking it out, after all, it is FREE!

Download the pdf for Issue 3 of Jissen here. (6.48MB)