Protect Your Privacy with a Shredder

As practitioners and students of various areas of Low Tech Combat, we aim to protect ourselves, our family and our friends. As well as physically protecting ourselves, today, we also need to protect our personal information.

Credit card fraud and the use of stolen identities is rapidly on the rise. One often overlooked area which is a major vulnerability lies in the very personal and private paperwork we throw into the bin and give little consideration to once it is out of our sight.

Sensitive Information

We throw out old vehicle registration papers, utility bills, old loan applications and documents, receipts from major stores which often have detailed personal information on them and invoices from items paid for by credit card through mail order or online.

Many times these listed items contain very useful information to somebody wanting to use credit fraudulently or the 'identity' contained in these papers. Often, the actual full credit card details, including the actual number are on some of these! Besides credit card details, other personal information such as names, dates of birth and addresses can aid dodgy characters in building a complete other identity which becomes their 'persona' for that person when engaging in fraudulent or other illegal activities.

Source of ID

After all, don't bills and bank account statements form part of the ID required to start bank accounts and for identification purposes when we have no license for the relevant road and traffic authorities?

One of the very best things we can do is to ensure none of this information leaves the household in a readable state. An efficient way of doing this is by purchasing a paper shredder. They are very cheap. I recently bought one for $58. It was a long time overdue. With a paper shredder, all sensitive paperwork goes through the shredder on its way to the bin. It is a much simpler and cleaner method than burning it.

Shred it!

Fraud will continue to rise. Don't let yourself become a statistic. Don't rely on THEM not to target YOU. You will then be at the mercy of another persons actions. Take responsibility for it. Be proactive. It is so simple to stop.

Many people, previously myself included, are unaware just how sensitive some of the paperwork is that we throw out. Have a look at some of the paperwork a normal household generates and how this could be used by somebody for illegal purposes.

Protect you privacy. You can have a look at a Sexy Black Paper Shredder from Amazon here now. Shred all sensitive documentation on the way to the rubbish bin. It is a small, simple step to ensuring the integrity or our personal information.