Home Gym - For Apartment Living

A home gym is SO convenient! All you need are a few basic tools to develop functional strength and conditioning. The house dwellers have a massive advantage here with having surplus space. We the apartment dwellers do not have

the luxury of space so have to make the best out of what we DO have.

This is a photo of my humble little set-up I have at home. It has pretty much all I need. I can do heaves (any grip and also throw a towel over the bar and do towel heaves aka MarksTraining and Straight to the Bar), its got dip bars which are the perfect width for me, a kettlebell, fast skipping rope, gloves and pads, training knife, and home made parralettes and a Polar watch which does Interval Timings. And a bbq for that all important post workout meal! hehe.

About the only thing I don't have is Olympic bars and plates and power rack which I have to venture off to a gym for. Apart from that, it is pretty much all I need. I can pull, push, swing, skip, punch, stab, gymnastic holds like L-Sits and the enormous number of bodyweight exercises like burpees and handstand push ups.

The space is fine. I can move stuff around depending on what my workout is going to be. If it is raining I just move what I'm going to use into the middle of the lounge room and crack on with it. Where there is a will there is a way.

So what set up do YOU have at home? Is it a humble set up or totally complete?