Where is my training at?

Well, Ive been busy this last week with finishing my first major assignment for uni. Also, Ive been wondering how my training has been going and where it is and if its going how I want...

My boxing skills have certainly improved and is something I have never really done for any focused length of time. I am much more confident now in not only using my hands and evading someone elses, but of getting hit and it not being game over so to speak.

No Surprises
About half of my time spent boxing has been sparring and Ive noticed that it has gradually gotten more and more intense and harder as Ive been sparring the same partners. As would be expected, Ive worn a few good hits in the last 6 months or so, some of them quite hard.

It gives me confidence to know that I can wear a few hits and keep going. This is a really good skill to have. I would say almost as important as conditioning in some ways. I would hate for my first experience of being hit to be in the real thing. I think it is best to experience as many things you are likely experience in the real thing as possible. BEFORE it is real.

Stress Testing
As well as developing core boxing skills and getting hit, another valuable skill Ive developed by boxing is operating under the stress of maybe being hit and making sure I do the correct thing like be offensive, cover appropriately and use counters etc. By training in boxing with gloves and mouthguard and sparring, it develops similar attributes as rolling does for bjj or submission wrestling.

You develop the ability to APPLY what you know on a resisting opponent. This is something I try to make sure is a major area of every system that I practise today. It is not only a form of stress testing but you can use tactics like set ups, break rhythm, fakes and draws which are skills of major importance to real life combat.

Indeed a feared streetfighter I was exposed to as a younger guy had just one move but he did it successfully on everyone he faught and because no-one had seen him before, they didn't know what it was. It was basically a sucker punch.

Alive Weapons Training
The weapons training that I do when I am able also uses a form of stress testing and free environment to routinely drill or spar certain movements. As each move is learnt it is immediately drilled with appropriate protective equipment against a live opponent.

Again, it is a form of stress testing and inbuilt learning how to apply the techniques against a shifty, thinking opponent.

Enjoying Rolling too much?
So yeah, im happy with my striking training at the moment but my ground game has stagnated. I think its because Ive recently gotten back into it and I am enjoying it so much. That may sound funny but Im actually just enjoying rolling again and am not aggressive in attacking, im more just wrestling for position and going for sweeps, reversals and turn overs and things.

By not being very offensive (going for submissions), it enables my training partners to be offensive which of course puts me behind the eight ball. But I am really enjoying it and my overall game is improving but I am certainly not putting my partners under the appropriate pressure thats needed and that is something I intend to work on in the coming months. I want to focus more on setting up and applying submissions which at the end of the day, is what it is all about.

Looking Forward
I havn't been able to do any weapons training lately but this will be rectified in a couple months. I really look forward to training with Ray Floro again. He is one of the most talented and best instructors I have ever met. And what he teaches is truly low tech combat. His is a truly great system.

My combat conditioning is fine at the moment. I finished Ross Enamait's Infinate Intensity program a few weeks ago and have since backed off a bit and have focused more on my actual boxing and bjj training and done things like skipping and hitting the bag to transform my general conditioning into more low tech combat specific conditioning.

All up?
Im really happy with the boxing as its something Ive never done properly before and Ive learnt a lot and my other training will be picked up in a couple months. My program lately consists of the following:

  • Mondays-boxing (padwork only),
  • Tuesday-no-gi bjj,
  • Wednesday-kickboxing (padwork only),
  • Thursday-no-gi bjj,
  • Friday- boxing (sparring only) and
  • Saturday-MMA (drills, techniques and some sparring).


Its limited but am biulding up areas where I have been weaker in the past. When I get back to Sydney in another month or so, my regime will change a lot and fill the gaps and look more like my last post.