Leadership qualities for us

I wanted to spent some time to discuss something which I've considered for a while and first heard about a long time ago from where I can't remember.

I want to briefly examine the similarities in traits displayed by people who are aware of their surroundings in regards to self protection, and leaders.


A person who is aware and has practised awareness as part of day to day life will by nature, position himself in positions where he has a good view of his surroundings. This gives the aware person good observation of his surroundings which will enable him to detect possible threats early and therefore allow him to begin planning appropriate actions at the earliest possible time. By maintaining good observation of his surroundings he will not be caught by surprise which is a major factor in any conflict.

A typical scene portraying the above could be a group of people out at a restaurant for dinner. As they enter the restaurant, the aware person will already be identifying a seat that faces the entrance, as he will be slightly uncomfortable with his back to the entrance.

360 degree Observation
A side benefit of sitting facing the entrance and towards the rear, is that all activity inside the restaurant can be monitored and observed. By simply consciously choosing to sit facing the entrance, it enables the aware person to provide good situational awareness of his surroundings. A person sitting with their back to the entrance does not have this awareness.

In the above example where security considerations were what determined what seat was most beneficial, I will now use the same scenario using leadership as the driver.

The Natural Leader

A leader likes to be in charge and in control. Often, others want the leader of a group to be in control or in charge as it is beneficial to the group. In this scenario, a leader may consciously choose his actions or subconsciously.

As a leader walks into this restaurant, he will want to be in control of the dinner conversation so will likely choose a seat where he can observe everyone at the table comfortably and they can observe him. This will help control the conversation.

On top of that, a leader will want to know what is going on around him perhaps with other patrons or wait staff. He may want to observe who enters the restaurant in case someone he knows enters. The best seating position for him will perhaps be the central end seat which is facing the entrance.

Two Paths to the same Point

Two different motivations were used to come up with the same seat. Both have a need or desire to know what is going on around them. Awareness is a trait that can be applied to more than just self protection. It can simply be situational awareness, to know what is going on around you and to have some control over it.

It is my belief that awareness can be used for more than just self protection and indeed, awareness is something that a leader displays and developing awareness can improve a persons leadership qualities.

People Watch

Next time you're out, observe who sits in the most commanding positions. Most people have been out walking along the street or in a supermarket and have ran into friends at some stage. Who saw who first and from how far away?

This could be due to awareness driven from self protection concerns or from awareness, driven by the leadership quality of wanting to know what is going on around them. It may also have been dumb luck.

Leadership Qualities

Practise and study of low tech combat develops other leadership qualities such as self confidence, discipline, perseverance, humility and integrity. The study of low tech combat instils many qualities not only relevant to its study but also to life in general.

Leadership is a quality much sought after in life and in business and qualities developed from the hard, disciplined training that we do, can be transferred to other aspects of our life. Leadership, is a major example of this.

Sit in that commanding position, control the conversation, see your friend first and have a big smile ready. Take more control of your life.