Dogbrothers Video

Here is a video of the one and only Dogbrothers. If you have never seen them before check this out. And if you have seen them I know you wont mind having another look.

I posted this on the Low Tech Combat Facebook group page as well. Thought I would share it here too. Its a good one.

Im not suggesting you have to train like this but I do think there is great insight to be gained by observing this and seeing what happens and try to appreciate what they are each going through and the pressures they are under.

Also, notice that some of them can absorb some great shots and keep going. The people here are under great stress and the hormones and adrenaline flowing through the body can dull the pain felt.

And this is still not real, though close. In the real thing you need to be aware that even good shots will not always stop an attacker. If you find your self in this situation, dont be surprised by this, keep going.

For more, check out the Dogbrothers.

What do you think of the Dogbrothers and their methods?