Low Tech Combat takes a research and knowledge based approach to self defence.

To learn self defence, it helps to understand what it is one is trying to defend against.

This site is the perfect companion to your physical training. For self defence, perhaps it should actually take priority over physical training.

  • This is a site for self defence thinkers.
  • Understanding violence will enable you to recognise it, avoid it, evade it or de-escalate it, before it gets physical.
  • Physical training should come, but after (or whilst) learning about human violence.

As Seen in Blitz Magazine

As published in Blitz Magazine, Australasia's biggest martial arts and self defence magazine in Vol. 23 No 5, Know Your ENEMY: The true stats on street assaults.

Who is Adam @ Low Tech Combat?

Hi, my name is Adam and I am from Australia. I started this site in 2008 because I couldn't find a site like it!

I wanted to build a site that was THE place to learn about human violence, analysis of violent crime statistics, real case studies, deep thought pieces, long in depth articles about important aspects of self defence and personal safety as well as be a platform for providing unique training opportunities.

I have been practising martial arts and self defence since 1994. I began my journey with Rhee Taekwondo which I did for 5 years with Paul Corbett and achieved first degree black belt. From here I studied Hapkido for about four years under Geoff Booth. Through Geoff Booth, I was introduced to both Brasilian Jiu Jitsu and Ray Floro's Filipino system of edged and impact weapon defence.

I am more interested in self defence courses these days (my favourite so far was an ISR Matrix seminar). My main reason for preferring self defence courses is because I would like more exposure in dealing with the stages immediately prior to an encounter going physical and those initial moments after that.

While here, be sure to have a look at our FREE online course Understanding Modern Violence. It goes for 40 days.

This course teaches students the truth about violent crime and how violent crime is trending, how modern weapons are used in the various categories of violent crime, examines real case studies of violent attacks, explores the fundamental nature of human violence and teaches how to apply this knowledge so you can avoid becoming picked as a target or victim.

There is a lot to this course.

The aim is provide vital knowledge that can be applied so you can avoid violence altogether. The aim is to avoid violence and not learn how to fight your way out of bad situations. That seems like a less than optimal approach to self defense.

Knowledge is power.